Add a Koa Frames

Add a Koa Frames
A native tree of Hawaii, Koa (Acacia Koa) has long since been sought after for its historic and cultural significance. Koa is the Hawaiian word for "strength" or "warrior". Koa is one of the lesser-known treasures of the Hawaiian Islands on the mainland, but it has a rich history and is very much appreciated by those living in Hawaii.

Koa is in the Acacia family, but this particular species only grows in the Hawaiian Islands. Acacia Koa - Hawaii's most valued native tree and the largest endemic tree in Hawaii – exists naturally nowhere else in the world. It was historically the material of choice for carved ocean-going canoes. Koa wood is highly valued by furniture and crafts people throughout Hawaii and consumers the world over, for its unique grain, varied color and workability. Highly figured Koa is sought after for use in fine furniture, musical instruments, crafts, gunstocks and knife handles. The demand for Koa has been high; therefore making it an expensive solid wood.

Taking approximately 50 years to mature, this tree can reach heights of 100 feet and have a trunk that is over 4 feet in diameter at its base. It is a unique wood with color that can vary from a golden blond to reddish brown to dark brown with streaks of darker browns and black.  Or any combination thereof.  When finished, the wood is highly lustrous, with beautiful hues of gold, red, or brown.

Koa is found growing throughout the state but the majority of the trees grow on the slopes of Maui and the big island of Hawaii. Although opinions vary as to why, the harvesting of Koa is now controlled with many of the old growth trees protected. Most of the commercial grade Koa is taken from Hawaii ("The Big Island" of Hawaii.) Because Koa grows in areas that were once lava fields, it is thought that that is the reason for it’s beautiful golden reddish color.

Please keep in mind these prices will be added to the price of the Giclée, but these prices include stretching, crating, insurance, and shipping.

All giclées are rolled and shipped in tubes. Unless they are purchased with a Koa frame or Gallery Wrapped. If a Koa Frame or Gallery Wrap is added, the giclée will be stretched, crated, and arrive ready to hang.

(A/P) - Artist Proofs - Robert Thomas has placed 30 giclées to be held as A/P for each seperate giclée. The artist proof is regarded as having more value, due to the limited number available.

(S/N) - Signed and Numbered - Signed and Numbered giclées have been signed and sequentially numbered by Robert Thomas.The limited size of the edition enhances the value of each piece.

(open edition) - Open Edition giclées are NOT numbered. The artist does NOT highlight each giclée. They are NOT limited editions.

All Robert Thomas Paintings sold or advertised on this website are Giclées on canvas. Unless stated differently.

All Handling, Insurance, and Shipping Charges are Already Added to Each giclée. Only Applicable To Orders Shipped in the U.S.A.